Founded by an American, a Canadian, a New Zealander and a Helvetian, we like our beer simple and clean; comfortable and welcoming; occasionally unexpected but always memorable.
Like a Motel should be.



IPA – 6.6%
Brewed with Slovenian, American and German hops. It’s really hoppy. You’ll probably notice mango, passionfruit and some aromas of spice and pine.

MOTEL white sands

Pale Ale – 4.7 %
Brewed with American hops and a new Slovenian hop, Styrian Wolf. It’s the really hoppy little brother of Shady Pines. Citrus and peach aromas with a hint of dankness as well.

motel plein soleil – new!

Grisette – 4.6%
A modern take on an old Belgian style. A classic Belgian yeast strain meets new-school hops. Crisp, clean and light, dry-hopped with Citra.

MOTEL Golden Lake

British Golden Ale – 4.7 %
Our take on a British Ale, but we dry-hopped it with some Australian hops. You may get a hint of mandarin orange behind the spice and floral aroma from the German and Belgian hops.

MOTEL Lago Dorado

British Golden Ale with Coffee – 4.7 %
The same as Golden Lake but we blended the finished beer with some Guatemalan coffee from BREWBOX, to add a little sweetness and depth. We don’t make much, so grab one if you see it.

MOTEL confederation – limited edition

Pale Ale – 5.1 %
A special pale ale for Canada’s 150th designed with BC’s Chilliwack Hop Farms, Ontario’s Escarpment Labs, and the finest German malt. Full of citrus and tropical fruit aromas, with a dry finish.



FROM THURSDAY 21.08.2017 TO MONDAY 02.09.2017

tap takeover AT R/D – Chausseestr. 19, mitte – Berlin

You love coffee and you love beer? Come by to our coffee and beer tap takeover at R/D ´s Coffee and Beer house!

See you there!

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LAGER-LAGER, Pflügerstr 68, Berlin – Neukölln
BIRRA, Prenzlauer Allee 198, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
BRLO BRWHOUSE, Schöneberger Straße 16, Berlin – Kreuzberg
BREWDOG, Ackerstraße 29, Berlin – Mitte
CAFE MAUERWERK, Zwinglistraße 7, Berlin – Moabit
HOPFENREICH, Sorauer Str. 31, Berlin – Kreuzberg
INDUSTRY STANDARD, Sonnenallee 83, Berlin – Neukölln
KAUZ & KIEBITZ, Reuterstraße 47, Berlin – Neukölln
R/D, Chausseestraße 19, Berlin – Mitte
SALT’N BONE, Schliemannstraße 31, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
THE CASTLE, Invalidenstr. 129, Berlin – Mitte
THE MUTED HORN, Flughafenstraße 49, Berlin – Neukölln
WILD THINGS, Weserstraße 172, Berlin – Neukölln

HOPPER BRÄU, Beerenweg 12, Hamburg-Altona (Guest Tap)

**Now on tap in Hungary at:**
CSAK A JÓ SÖR – ONLY GOOD BEER, Kertesz utca 42, Budapest
HOPAHOLIC – IN HOP WE TRUST, Kacfa utca 38, Budapest


LAGER-LAGER, Pflügerstr 68, Berlin – Neukölln
AUNT BENNY, Oderstraße 7, Berlin – Friedrichshain
BERLIN BEER ACADEMY, Claire-Waldoff-Strasse 4, – Mitte
BIEREREI, Oranienstraße 19, Berlin – Kreuzberg
BIERLINIE, Schliemannstraße 2, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
BIERLADEN, Kreuzbergstrasse 78, Berlin – Kreuzberg
BREWDOG, Ackerstraße 29, Berlin – Mitte
DR. PONG, Eberswalder Str. 21, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
FLASCHBIERSCHOP, Fehrbelliner Str. 3, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
GETRÄNKEFEINKOST, Boxhagener Str. 24, Berlin – Friedrichshain
GOOD THINGS, Eisenbahnstraße 2, Berlin – Kreuzberg
HIMMELBEET, Ruheplatzstraße 12, Berlin – Wedding
HOPFEN UND MALZ, Triftstr. 57, Berlin – Wedding
IPA BAR, Karl-Marx-Straße 195, Berlin – Neukölln
ISLA, Hermannstrasse 37, Berlin – Neukölln
JAJA – NAKED WINE BAR, Weichselstraße 7, Berlin – Neukölln
KAUZ & KIEBITZ, Reuterstraße 47, Berlin – Neukölln
LODE & STIJN, Lausitzer Str. 25, Berlin – Kreuzberg
NALU DINER, Dunckerstraße 80A, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
ORA, Oranienplatz 14, Berlin – Kreuzberg
OSLO KAFFEBAR, Eichendorffstrasse 13, Berlin – Mitte
SANTA MARIA EASTSIDE, Krossener Str. 18, Berlin – Friedrichshain
SHAKESPEARE AND SONS, Warschauer Str. 74, Berlin – Friedrichshain
TANTE FRIZZANTE, Hermannstr. 95, Berlin – Neukölln
TENNIS, Reuterstraße 95, Berlin – Neukölln

BRAUKONTOR, Zeppelinstraße 40, Potsdam – Potsdam West

CRAFT BEER STORE, Lagerstraße 30a, Hamburg – Sternschanze

COUTUME, 47 Rue de Babylone, Paris – 7e arrondissement

CSAK A JÓ SÖR – ONLY GOOD BEER, Kertesz utca 42, Budapest
HOPAHOLIC – IN HOP WE TRUST, Kacfa utca 38, Budapest
SÖRÖK HÁZA, Feketesas utca 20, Szeged



We also offer kegged Nitro Coffee, the perfect way to offer consistent, delicious coffee quickly and easily!