Founded by an American, a Canadian, a New Zealander and a Helvetian, we like our beer simple and clean; comfortable and welcoming; occasionally unexpected but always memorable.
Like a Motel should be.



IPA – 6.6%
Brewed with Slovenian, American and German hops. It’s really hoppy. You’ll probably notice mango, passionfruit and some aromas of spice and pine.

MOTEL white sands

Pale Ale – 4.7 %
Brewed with American hops and a new Slovenian hop, Styrian Wolf. It’s the really hoppy little brother of Shady Pines. Citrus and peach aromas with a hint of dankness as well.

motel plein soleil – new!

Grisette – 4.6%
A modern take on an old Belgian style. A classic Belgian yeast strain meets new-school hops. Crisp, clean and light, dry-hopped with Citra.

MOTEL Golden Lake

British Golden Ale – 4.7 %
Our take on a British Ale, but we dry-hopped it with some Australian hops. You may get a hint of mandarin orange behind the spice and floral aroma from the German and Belgian hops.

MOTEL Lago Dorado

British Golden Ale with Coffee – 4.7 %
The same as Golden Lake but we blended the finished beer with some Guatemalan coffee from BREWBOX, to add a little sweetness and depth. We don’t make much, so grab one if you see it.

MOTEL confederation – limited edition

Pale Ale – 5.1 %
A special pale ale for Canada’s 150th designed with BC’s Chilliwack Hop Farms, Ontario’s Escarpment Labs, and the finest German malt. Full of citrus and tropical fruit aromas, with a dry finish.



FRIDAY 20.10.2017 / Beer Sound System featuring Wine Up Club

La Robe et la Mousse, 3 rue Monsieur Le Prince,Paris

🍺🇫🇷🍺 We’re going to Paris!
Come see us at La Robe & La Mousse on October 20th at 18:00 for some tunes and some beers.

10€ gets you 3 beers and some hang out time with us, as well as some inspired DJ work. They’ll be pairing music with the beer.

It’s going to be beaucoup de Spaß!

Join us fb event! and buy a ticket


LAGER-LAGER, Pflügerstr 68, Berlin – Neukölln
BIRRA, Prenzlauer Allee 198, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
BRLO BRWHOUSE, Schöneberger Straße 16, Berlin – Kreuzberg
BREWDOG, Ackerstraße 29, Berlin – Mitte
CAFE MAUERWERK, Zwinglistraße 7, Berlin – Moabit
HOPFENREICH, Sorauer Str. 31, Berlin – Kreuzberg
INDUSTRY STANDARD, Sonnenallee 83, Berlin – Neukölln
KADZ, Görlitzerstr. 53, Berlin – Kreuzberg
KAUZ & KIEBITZ, Reuterstraße 47, Berlin – Neukölln
R/D, Chausseestraße 19, Berlin – Mitte
SALT’N BONE, Schliemannstraße 31, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
THE CASTLE, Invalidenstr. 129, Berlin – Mitte
THE MUTED HORN, Flughafenstraße 49, Berlin – Neukölln
WILD THINGS, Weserstraße 172, Berlin – Neukölln

HOPPER BRÄU, Beerenweg 12, Hamburg-Altona (Guest Tap)

**Now on tap in Hungary at:**
CSAK A JÓ SÖR – ONLY GOOD BEER, Kertesz utca 42, Budapest
HOPAHOLIC – IN HOP WE TRUST, Kacfa utca 38, Budapest


LAGER-LAGER, Pflügerstr 68, Berlin – Neukölln
AUNT BENNY, Oderstraße 7, Berlin – Friedrichshain
BERLIN BEER ACADEMY, Claire-Waldoff-Strasse 4, – Mitte
BIEREREI, Oranienstraße 19, Berlin – Kreuzberg
BIERLINIE, Schliemannstraße 2, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
BIERLADEN, Kreuzbergstrasse 78, Berlin – Kreuzberg
BREWDOG, Ackerstraße 29, Berlin – Mitte
DR. PONG, Eberswalder Str. 21, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
FLASCHBIERSCHOP, Fehrbelliner Str. 3, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
GETRÄNKEFEINKOST, Boxhagener Str. 24, Berlin – Friedrichshain
GOOD THINGS, Eisenbahnstraße 2, Berlin – Kreuzberg
HIMMELBEET, Ruheplatzstraße 12, Berlin – Wedding
HOPFEN UND MALZ, Triftstr. 57, Berlin – Wedding
IPA BAR, Karl-Marx-Straße 195, Berlin – Neukölln
ISLA, Hermannstrasse 37, Berlin – Neukölln
JAJA – NAKED WINE BAR, Weichselstraße 7, Berlin – Neukölln
KAUZ & KIEBITZ, Reuterstraße 47, Berlin – Neukölln
KÄRRECHO, Neue Bahnhofstraße 25, Berlin – Friedrichshain
LODE & STIJN, Lausitzer Str. 25, Berlin – Kreuzberg
MIKKELLER, Torstraße 102, Berlin – Mitte
NALU DINER, Dunckerstraße 80A, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
ORA, Oranienplatz 14, Berlin – Kreuzberg
OSLO KAFFEBAR, Eichendorffstrasse 13, Berlin – Mitte
SANTA MARIA EASTSIDE, Krossener Str. 18, Berlin – Friedrichshain
SHAKESPEARE AND SONS, Warschauer Str. 74, Berlin – Friedrichshain
TANTE FRIZZANTE, Hermannstr. 95, Berlin – Neukölln
TENNIS, Reuterstraße 95, Berlin – Neukölln

BRAUKONTOR, Zeppelinstraße 40, Potsdam – Potsdam West

CRAFT BEER STORE, Lagerstraße 30a, Hamburg – Sternschanze

COUTUME, 47 Rue de Babylone, Paris – 7e arrondissement

CSAK A JÓ SÖR – ONLY GOOD BEER, Kertesz utca 42, Budapest
HOPAHOLIC – IN HOP WE TRUST, Kacfa utca 38, Budapest
SÖRÖK HÁZA, Feketesas utca 20, Szeged



We also offer kegged Nitro Coffee, the perfect way to offer consistent, delicious coffee quickly and easily!